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Ifson 13 Installed

26th of September 2019
Ifson camera 13 was just installed today, and can be seen in the camera list under Flagstaff sites. Though this was our first installation on NAU property with their crew, this was a quick install, which took only an hour and a half.
Image of the install
The primary purpose of this camera is to get useful water level data with which to test our image processing algorithms. Initial images already have a bit of flowing water, so the site looks promising for this purpose. While not exactly in an urban spot, this camera is still within our modeling area, so it may still be useful for Margaret, Giuseppe, and the rest of the ASU modeling team.

Ifson Dev Blog Launched

26th of September 2019
This is the new dev blog attached to the front page of the dev site. This will be used as a way for project collaborators to see development on all things related to the website, camera installation and development, image recognition, and other technologies.